Finalist - Top 50 Best Young Wine Brands &

Winemakers of Australia 

About Jean-Paul  

I worked my first vintage in 2007 in Burgundy, France. I started out picking grapes, but somehow I ended up in the winery within a week. I loved it and decided to follow my passion and stay and study winemaking in France. After my studies I was very lucky to work for some very good winemakers in Germany, Spain, Chile, South Africa and Australia learning new techniques and discovering new varieties in each place. 

My love for French wines have led me to make my own. First making a few barrels of wine after work and since the arrival of my second son (and cellarhand to be) I work for myself (and look after my two sons). I am lucky to be able to lease a 30-year-old Pinot Noir vineyard in cool climate Ballarat, which produces some beautiful wines. I further source fruit from other vineyards in Ballarat, Mount Alexander and Heathcote.

My aim is  to make wines true to their variety and origin. Wine that taste of quality grapes and not overpowered by oak, dulled by commercial wine yeast and stripped by filtering. I work as natural as possible, using indigenous yeast, minimal sulphur, soft extraction methods and when possible a part whole bunch for texture and savoury notes. I want to make honest wines ......wines which put a smile on your face when you take a sip.

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